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As many people find themselves looking for ways to save money, it’s important to take a look at all the ways that you can reduce your energy expenses, such as the money you spend on your gas bill. Indeed, with household energy bills on the rise since April 2022, you don’t want to be in a position where you have to choose between your household budget and your heating. Here are some tips to help you save money on your gas bill without getting cold this winter.

Essentials energy best practice tips

Did you know that the UK has some of the cheapest gas in Europe, which is why 78% of the population has central heating with a gas boiler? Yet, this doesn’t stop your energy bills from creeping up.

Households can introduce practical steps to keep their gas bill down:
• Turn down the water temperature
• Lower the thermostat
• Only turn the heating on when necessary
• Monitor your consumption via an app
• Free up air passage around radiators
• Check your insulation
• Don’t leave appliances on standby

Book a boiler service appointment

Maintaining your boiler and the rest of your heating system (radiators) will ensure your gas boiler can remain energy efficient. Indeed, if your boiler has not been serviced by an engineer in the last year(s), you are likely to face high costs:
• Faults
• Energy waste
• Loss of warranty

A serviced boiler will not only keep your household safe but also use less energy to heat your home this winter.

What happens when you book a boiler service with a Gas Safe registered engineer? The engineer comes at the agreed time and checks your gas boiler. We will also ensure that repair work is addressed so damaged parts are replaced promptly. We take care of the paper work, so you can rest assured that your boiler warranty is in good hands. Call us today on 0161 444 3615 to enquire about boiler servicing.