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If you’ve just had a new combi boiler fitted, it’s fair to say that you expect it to function for at least the foreseeable future. However, plumbing and heating fixtures aren’t always as dependable as we would like, and from time to time they do fail. It’s at these times knowing what to do can be so vital.

One of the main important maintenance efforts to get right is to ensure our boiler water pressure is at the proper level. As the gauge shows in bars, usually anything between 1 to 1.5 bars depending on your system is key. The dial should show a reading above the minimum pressure green marker and be nowhere near the red maximum warning sign.

However, as low boiler pressure is often much more common than maximum, it’s worth knowing when this presents a problem. The two main reasons you may be experiencing low boiler pressure is that of suffering a leak somewhere in the close loop system. Even minor drips can have an effect.

The second most common issue is that of bleeding your radiators, which is a perfectly acceptable means of removing air pockets from these fixtures. However, the removed fluid will need to be replaced with the filling pipe and water from the mains, so that the pressure can be rectified and showcase a proper reading.

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