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There are numerous makes and models of boiler available in the UK, but Cosy Abodes tends to advise its customers to choose from four heating company brands – Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi and Glow-worm.

Each offers something a little different from the next in terms of quality, warranty, reputation and cost.

To make sure you select the best boiler for your property and budget, here is Cosy Abodes’ review of each boiler brand so you can make an even more informed purchase.


Worcester Bosch has made boilers since 1962. The company is part of the Bosch Group. It is widely considered to be the best boiler brand for its provision of highly reliable and efficient central heating products at affordable prices. Worcester Bosch offers leading oil, combi, system and regular boilers ranging in price from £570 to £6,200. They are supplied by certified Worcester Bosch installers, such as Cosy Abodes.

Worcester Bosch offers ten year warranties on its products and guarantees the heat exchangers in its boiler for ten years also. Worcester Bosch offers analogue, digital and programmable thermostats or its ‘Bosch EasyControl’ smart thermostat which records how much energy you use, connects to the internet so you can remotely manage your heating via a smartphone and can automatically adapt your heating to the weather outside.

Cosy Abodes’ choice of Worcester Bosch model for a…

1 bed, 1 bath property: Greenstar 25i combi
3 bed, 1 bath property: Greenstar 34i combi
5 bed, 2 bath property: Greenstar 8000 Style 40KW combi OR Greenstar 30 CDi system with unvented cylinder and pump.


Vaillant has been a major player in the heating market for more than 130 years. The German company now sells its high quality products in nearly 90 countries. It offers upwards of 30 gas-fuelled boilers, in combi, conventional and system models. Vaillant’s award-winning boilers are renowned for their reliability, performance and efficiency. Its boiler range provides options for all sizes of homes and power levels, from the basic EcoTec Pro to the more powerful EcoTec Plus.

Vaillant’s boilers range in price from £670 to £3,000. Generally, their products come with a two, three or five year warranties. Vaillant offers a wide range of different controls and thermostats from simple analogue heating timers to smartphone app-based thermostats which enables you to manage your heating from a smart device wherever you are.

Cosy Abodes’ choice of Vaillant model for a…

1 bed, 1 bath property: EcoTech Pro 24KW combi
3 bed, 1 bath property: EcoTech Plus 30KW combi
5 bed, 2 bath property: EcoTech Plus 38KW combi


Baxi was founded in 1866 and is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers and distributors of domestic heating appliances. As a company it is focused on innovation and technology, also producing commercial water and space heating systems as well as solar water heating, biomass boilers and ground source heat pumps. Baxi makes high efficiency gas combi, regular and system boilers. Its products are known for being straightforward and quick to install, easy to maintain, service and use.

Baxi’s combi boilers are chosen for their compact, space-saving qualities whereas the company’s system boilers are particularly energy efficient. What Baxi boilers lack in finesse and function, they make up in reliability and durability. Baxi’s range of boilers are well priced beginning at an affordable £625 and costing no more than £1385 at the top end of the company’s range.

Cosy Abodes’ choice of Baxi model for a…

1 bed, 1 bath property: 224 combi
3 bed, 1 bath property: Duo Tec 33 combi
5 bed, 2 bath property: Platinum 40 combi


Glow-worm is a low-cost home heating brand making boilers since 1934. Owned by the Vaillant Group, its models are often chosen for budget renovations and rental properties. Glow-worm makes combi, system and regular boilers. Its models are affordable, easy to install but less reliable than the other manufacturers mentioned here. However, in the short term they are cost-effective.

Glow-worm offers two and five year warranties on its boilers. They range in price from an attractive £550 to £1853. Glow-worm comes alive through its range of heating controls with its MiGo Smart Heating Control offering heating and hot water control from a smartphone. Its Climapro2 offering the same from an in-home handheld remote control, while its Climastat is a simple wall mounted thermostat with a digital screen displaying the temperature clearly.

Cosy Abodes’ choice of Glow-worm model for a…

1 bed, 1 bath property: Betacom 24 combi
3 bed, 1 bath property: Ultimate 3 30KW combi
5 bed, 2 bath property: Energy 35 combi