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COSY ABODES is dedicated to giving you the most efficient and cost-effective central heating system possible.

That is why we often undertake a high pressure power flush of your pipework and radiators before we install your new boiler.

The process takes two hours but it removes iron oxide sludge, rust deposits and other metallic debris, and it leaves your system like new. In some cases it has helped homeowners save up to 10 percent on their heating bills.

Central heating systems develop corrosion deposits as they’re repeatedly heated up over a number of years.

Metallic debris in your system slowly turns to iron oxide sludge which leads to circulation problems, cold spots in radiators, boilers making noises, overheating and cutting out, as well as a need to turn thermostats up to maintain heat levels.

Clearing your central heating system of its residue gives you a quieter, more efficient heating system, warmer radiators, reduced running and maintenance costs and much lower carbon emissions.

Depending on its size, power flushing a central heating system can save a household between five and ten percent on its heating bill.

When Cosy Abodes comes to your home to install a new boiler we often first cleanse your heating system to make sure it operates as if brand new.

We isolate your central heating system and then flush it under high pressure with a potent Adey MagnaCleanse MC5 chemical solution which breaks down sludge, before lifting and pushing it towards a powerful magnetic filter.

The rapid flush magnetic filter collects the thick ‘magnetite’ and is then cleaned into a bucket before the process is repeated for each of your radiators and all suspended boiler debris and damaging sludge is removed.

As your pipework and radiators are cleansed of their impurities we drain your entire heating system of its murky water, before introducing a second Adey MagnaCleanse MC1 chemical solution to protect it from further corrosion debris once refilled with clean water.

The process removes virtually all suspended black iron oxide from your heating system in one pass, and the benefits are noticeable.

Cosy Abodes then sets to installing your new boiler of choice, before we offer you the option of fixing an Adey MagnaClean filter to its new pipework. The filter acts to catch any build-up of iron oxide as it advances towards your new boiler – protecting it throughout its extended lifetime.

The result is a long-lasting efficient service from your new boiler and better circulation flow throughout your entire central heating system. Your rooms will warm up faster and your boiler won’t have to work as hard to heat your home and its hot water supply.

A system free of metallic deposits and sludge costs less to run and will outlast unmaintained systems. And it’s all part of the service we provide when you choose Cosy Abodes to install your new boiler.

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