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THE expense of installing a new boiler represents a significant outlay for almost every customer we meet.

Even at Cosy Abodes’ competitive prices, and in the name of having a warm and comfortable home, all our staff understand the cost of a new boiler can be a hard pill to swallow for most.

That is why we have put in place generous interest free payment plans.

And it is also why we strive to give our customers as much service as possible before, during and after the installation process.

We know too many boiler companies can’t wait to bag up their tools and bank the cheque, often after they’ve ‘banged in a boiler’ and left their customer’s home in a state of disrepair.

And often that’s the last contact a customer will ever have with their boiler installation company.

Not with Cosy Abodes though. Not ever. One reason we were given Gold Accredited Installer Status by Worcester Bosch is we make sure our engineers are at hand to guide you through any teething problems which arise once your boiler is installed.

We thought it important to explain the reasons why we make aftercare such an important part of your boiler installation. So, here they are:

This may be your first boiler

It could easily be the case that you have never bought a boiler before and, if so, everything including its parts, mechanics, performance and operating system will seem alien to you. Even the most rudimental models can prove difficult to operate the first time around. If you are unfamiliar with using a boiler we will be at hand to help you orientate yourself with its capabilities. And should any minor issue arise we will make it a priority to resolve it quickly so your first experience of buying a boiler isn’t a bad one.

Nobody likes hidden extras

Cosy Abodes believes aftercare should be part and parcel of its installation service, rather than a supplementary package sold to you for an additional fee. Some boiler installation companies charge for a service package and call-outs, after they’ve completed your boiler installation and charged you handsomely for it. We don’t spring those surprises on you or upsell you a service package. Super service and unending support is part and parcel of the affordable prices which Cosy Abodes charges for first class boiler installation.

Advances in technology

The advent of smart technology has made managing heating systems and heating bills a whole lot easier, once you get to grips with it. Almost every boiler we install is now fitted alongside a smart thermostat, while an accompanying app is downloaded to a smartphone. These three appliances combined allow home heating systems to be operated, in detail, from anywhere. We believe educating customers on how to use and get the most from their smart tech should be a standard part of our company’s aftercare service.

It’s just the way things should be

The modern world is fast-paced and full of pressure. We get that. But it shouldn’t mean we do away with old-fashioned values at the same time. And they include service with a smile and going the extra mile. Certain things make life more comfortable for everyone, us included. Cosy Abodes engineers apply empathy to every customer service interaction. So even when the work is done, the bill is settled and we’re onto our next job, we still get a warm feeling from knowing we’re able to support and satisfy our valued customers.

Cosy Abodes’ engineers are here to help you through every stage of the boiler installation process. Our customer care continues long after your new boiler has been fitted. If you would like the security of a holistic approach to keeping your heating effective and efficient and your home snug and warm, then Cosy Abodes has got to be the boiler installation company for you.

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