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WITH the warmest February on record and one spell of balmy weather under our belts already, spring has sprung early this year.

Long months of cold and damp weather with the thermostat turned up high are almost behind us.

Now comes the time to ‘tot up’ the cost of our winter fuel bills and, if possible, push through the next month with minimum reliance on our central heating systems.

In doing so, we’ll do our bit for the environment, take the pressure off our boilers while extending their lifespan and we’ll save those all-important pennies for our summer holidays.

With these things in mind, here are Cosy Abodes’ four areas of focus to get you through March without spending any more money on gas and electricity.


Getting our clothing right for early spring is important. We’re already more active than in winter months so it’s time to ditch the woollens and start layering thinner garments. It makes for better insulation and movement and easier temperature regulation as the weather fluctuates. Keep with the thicker socks for another month. Slippers can come into their element too now. And while our woolly hats may be back in the bottom draw already, don’t forget the value of a hooded top which can protect from the occasional draft.


Spring is the time to build routine into our year. Make sure curtains and blinds are open throughout the daylight hours. The low lying spring sun beams directly into homes and while temps outside may not yet be appealing, this simple task can create a greenhouse effect inside our properties. Be sure to close them again at the onset of dusk, to keep that heat in. Now is the time to splurge on a new rug to lay on any bare floorboards or tiles. Keep a throw on the sofa and extra blankets on beds.


Increase the humidity to increase the temperature. Humid air feels much warmer than dry air, so it’s now time to remove dehumidifiers which were working to clear condensation from our windows. Or, if you’re still worried about mould, you should reduce their activity by half. Avoid using the bathroom fan while and after you shower. Carry out as many activities as possible in the upstairs of your home, as warm air rises. And, if you have ceiling fans switch them to a low speed in a clockwise direction to push warm air back to ground level.


It’s time to do more cooking. It activates our bodies ahead of longer days to come, and it puts us in a warmer environment more frequently. Of course, the food we choose to cook can have a huge effect on keeping us warm too. Soups, stews and casseroles all take time to produce, adding heat to our homes, while they heat up our digestion and circulatory systems for longer periods too. Leaving our oven doors open after cooking can add a degree of warmth to our living areas. And don’t forget the value of a hot drink. A cup of tea can get us through almost anything, including the occasionally brisk temps of spring.

Put these practices in place and we can make it to late spring without the adding too much more to our winter fuel bills. Let us know how it goes in the comment section below.